Investment in People

It is very easy to follow the rest of the crowd and perform on federal contracts in the most financially advantageous way. This methodology in essence means the creation of a paper company without any real capabilities. The Federal Model is conducive to competing hard to win a contract and then giving the contract to another entity to perform the work at less cost. Laws have been created to halt this practice but there are those who look for exceptions and any way possible to manipulate the system.

C4 stands out from this mentality and chooses to invest in people. We invest in people by growing the internal capabilities and training our own to perform work for the government. When we lack the numbers to execute within a specific field we invest the time, money and resources to become proficient if not experts in that field. Our people are thereby given the chance to learn, become trained and therefore more educated, valuable and earning more of an income.

The traditional government contractor would have nothing to do with this mentality. They simply hire another company to do their work for them at the lowest price possible. The commercial market would never allow the markup in price and the business would never be considered viable. It would be called a broker or middle man.

The outsourcing of work from the tribal membership isn’t acceptable.

It may take C4 more time, more money, and more resources to execute internally rather than subcontracting out but we will invest what is necessary in people and resources to produce a true value to our client. When C4 is contracted to perform, C4 directly performs the work. The end result is less cost to the government and a growth in capabilities to an ambitious organization that truly appreciates the opportunity.

The governments money goes towards people and betterment of their future rather than the corporate expense accounts and luxurious living that is offensive to so many witnessing how government contractors take advantage of the system.