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What Benefits Can a Tribal Business Group Have For You as a Contract Officer or Program Manager?

First, Tribal 8(a) businesses may receive sole source contracts regardless of dollar amount.

Second, Any limitations that may be imposed on the SDB and 8(a) awards in certain SIC Codes, will not be applicable to tribal owned 8(a) firms. This is because of the unique government to government relationship with the United States, not because of race or national origin factors.

Third, Recent changes permit Tribal 8(a) businesses to form joint ventures and teams to bid on contracts. This enhances the ability of Tribal 8(a) firms to perform larger prime contracts and overcome the effects of contract bundling.

Fourth, The government may avert the arduous and lengthy process of conducting an A76 study and allow the outsourcing or direct conversion of non-inherently governmental functions, of any scope, directly to a tribal 8(a) business.

What Benefit Can Our Tribal Business Group Have for A Program Manager?

First, it’s a fact that the 8a contract vehicle is the most powerful and flexible contracting tool available to the Government Program Manager.

Even Better: the 8 (a) contract vehicle is the only procurement technique that allows the program manager:

Steps in Using the 8(a) Contracting Method

First - The program manager must have:

Next - there are six steps to contract award:

1. Selection of the Tribal 8(a) business

2. Preparation of the procurement request

3. Receipt of "authorization to negotiate" from the SBA

4. Request a proposal from the Tribal 8(a) business

5. Contract discussions

6. Contract award