Our Partners

C4 is one of many organizations that belong to the Wingman Professional Services confederacy. Each company within the confederacy brings a value in variable professional services and expertise but also variables in the Federal Contract Vehicles that are allowed. These contract vehicles include:

  • Tribal 8(a)
  • Minority Owned 8(a)
  • Service Disabled Veteran Owned 8(a)
  • HubZone Small Business

By association with diversified companies with multiple means to do business with the government, the exposure given for C4EI becomes 3 to 4 times what would be achieved independently. The end results are increased opportunity and revenue.

We share key resources with other members of the confederacy and use other members resources also. We find we are able to conserve costs and move quickly to provide services to the government.

The following are companies that we partner with to provide key services to the government.